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She's Almost Here!

I am writing this post as a husband and a father.

Our Sweet Girl in Stacy's Tummy!

Stacy is in her final trimester (I know, I’m freaking out too, it's exciting!) and that means our precious little one is on her way very soon. Stacy and I are currently living with Stacy’s parents and have been for a year. They are awesome housemates and have been immeasurably supportive, but we'd both agree, our current set up cannot be a permanent one. For the last two years every belonging I use fits inside my 70L Osprey backpack. I’m not an intentional minimalist but this season has certainly opened up my eyes to the things I consider a “necessity.” We drive 97 miles (round-trip) on the toll way between McKinney and Ft. Worth-area on a regular basis. These driving trips surround our classes and appointments at our birth center, meet ups with our church community at Gateway and to continue running our organization Feet That Move through various meetings and events. Some things have been a little bit tougher because of the nature of our calling but we wouldn't trade the results of our calling for the world...

God has done so many unbelievable things in our lives this past year. We have seen Him take us into villages that have NEVER heard the Gospel of Jesus before. There was even one unreached village where everyone came forward and accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord and now they have a church building where they worship (but more on that story soon in a documentary we are producing.)

One year ago God brought us home from our time overseas with YWAM and although we had numerous options as to what to do next the Lord had a specific direction for us. He introduced us to Dustin Sandoval (the founder of Feet That Move) and no sooner did He introduce us, we were on a trip over seas walking into those unreached villages and now we help run the whole organization. We have seen thousands come to Christ and we have provided thousands of shoes to those who need them and all because the Lord provides for us and gives us these opportunities.

We also saw God provide us with a car the day after we got in a car wreck (I was in the car alone and everyone involved were okay)that totaled our only vehicle…the money we received from the settlement was the exact amount (to the dollar) that we needed to pay the birth center so we could soon bring our beautiful daughter into the world!

There have been many sacrifices but the reward has been so sweet. Stacy and I want to invite you to be apart of the story the Lord is writing in our lives. We are in our support-raising season, and honestly we’ve been in it longer than we had expected and it’s been a tough learning curve, no doubt, but in this season we have seen God pull off some unbelievable miracles and we are expectant and excited to experience so many more.

Our support raising is going well and so many have given generously, but we still have a significant need of $1,500 in monthly commitments to reach the goal of our budget where we can move into a home of our own. In no way do we consider our baby's birth a deadline, but it is important to us that we raise this portion of our funds before she arrives so we can eliminate any extra levels of anxiety (Lord knows there'll be enough anxiety trying to figure out the whole parenting thing.)

There may be some of you who say, “wow, that’s a lot, I can't even put a dent in that amount!” Truth is every $20 or $30 or $50 gift a month is immensely helpful!

Here's How:

You donate $20 a month.

That's a tank of gas.

Which enables us to get to our training meetings with the young adults that we're taking on our next trip to the Yucatan.

Those young adults will be fitting a shoe on some little boy or little girl's foot as they tell them the Gospel of Jesus.

Their lives are forever changed.

So, YES YOU DO make a HUGE difference; a red wood tree also grew from but a modest seed. God will do big things even if the gift feels small to you.

For others out there you may say, “$1,500 a month…I could take care of that whole thing.” If that’s you….DO IT!...we won't stop you.

What we are asking is that you seriously pray and consider joining our support team and helping us reach our goal so we can focus on the ministry that God has set before us.

We Love you all dearly and are so thankful for the way God is moving!!

If you want to donate to us click the button below…..yeah, that one…

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