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Meet our family

We Are

            a husband and wife duo who love to use many forms of media to tell the stories of the unique people around us.

We are from Dallas/Fort Worth. Not only is it our home but it's our launching pad to the world. (There are perks to living 10 minutes from one of the busiest international airport in the U.S.)
We have a passion for people. Our desire is to leave a  positive mark on this world.  Over the years we have worked to develop the youth of our future generation, help bring an end to human trafficking in nations of Africa, and have put shoes on the feet of those without provision in Latin America. 

This is one of our favorite tag lines.
Terra Incognita. 
It's a latin phrase you'll find on the edge of an old map to indicate that territories beyond the map's edge have not yet been explored.

As a family we love to push the boundaries,  try new things, and explore territories that we have never experienced. 

Terra Incognita Tagline 4.0.png

                to travel! Our passion has taken us from coast to coast in the U.S. and all around the world. We have had the opportunity to shoot in some of the most iconic landscapes from the Sydney Harbor in Australia to Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. We have shot weddings in Yosemite and Documentaries in the Yucatan. 
       It's true we love to travel, but DFW is our home and we love all the work we get to do in our own community!
No matter where you are, invite us, we want to join you!

We love

Let's Go.
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